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Birth Essentials Intensive

Cultivate birth confidence and thrive postpartum with this one-time, 4-hour class

Pregnant Woman in Nature

What to Expect

Do you want to prepare for an awesome birth and postpartum experience but don't know where to start? Do you want help cutting through the noise of the medical community, and your family members, to get to the core of what really matters when it comes to making the safest and best choices for your baby?

This class will provide you with evidence-based guidance for self-determined birth and nourishing postpartum. 

Class Details

Private Class: Scheduled individually

Class Duration: 4 hours

Time: Flexible

Cost: $250


Sleepy Baby

"Celia prepared us for the labor we'd planned, but most importantly, the part of labor we did not plan... Welcoming our daughter's passage into the world has been the most profound and beautiful experience we've ever had." - Elsa & Tobi

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"We give birth through our instincts and we give birth to our instincts." - Dr. Sarah Buckley

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