Prenatal & Postpartum Coaching Sessions

One-hour personal coaching sessions

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Cultivate Birth Confidence

Freely explore your dream birth and create a clear and practical pathway to achieve it.

Topics we may cover:

  • Physiology of your innate ability to give birth

  • How to collaborate with your mind

  • HypnoBirthing® guidance & techniques

  • Hospital birth optimization

  • Home birth planning

  • Preparing your body for birth

  • Exploring birth outside of the medical system

  • Intuition, self-authority and how to advocate

  • Who will witness your birth and how they can protect the space

  • Any other relevant topics that feel pertinent to you


Thrive Postpartum

We often think so much about preparing for birth but forget to plan for the new world of postpartum. Come out of birth assured that you'll be well-supported in the weeks after.

Already have your baby and feeling a little lost or overwhelmed? Let's brainstorm some simple things you can do to create ease during this time.

Topics we may cover:

  • How birth affects the postpartum time

  • What your needs will be 

  • What your baby's needs will be

  • Self-care to heal & maintain sanity

  • How partners and family can best support

  • Breastfeeding guidance & troubleshooting

  • Pumping, formula, and paced bottle feeding

  • How to optimize sleep for the whole family

  • Postpartum meal prep or setting up a meal train

  • Healing & restorative practices


Birth Trauma Debrief

Is there a part of your birth that didn't feel good - that you keep going over in your mind?

Did your birth experience leave you feeling defeated, violated or is something just not sitting right? 

This session is a safe space to freely share your story, to have a neutral, loving listener to process your birth with and begin steps toward healing. 


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