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Divine Intuition Birth Course

A self-paced online course grounded in

mind, body, and autonomy.

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Through this course...

You will discover how to work with your mind and birthing body to experience a gentle and joyful birth.


You will be empowered to create a birthing environment that supports your hormonal blueprint, whether it be in a hospital, at home, or a birth center.  

Partners will understand their integral role in the birth process and gain the tools to advocate and support with confidence.

Why is this course different?

We are not another generic childbirth course. HOW you birth, MATTERS. We are not preparing you to simply be a passive participant and survive birth. There is so much more possible than just a healthy mom and baby. Your birth can be the most empowering and transformative experience in your life.

You deserve to give birth on your own terms, driven by your innate wisdom and clarified desires. So, we're putting the tools in your hands.


"My partner and I loved this course! Davon and Celia bring their unique experience and education into the lessons with a holistic perspective. We felt totally prepared for our birth and highly recommend it!"

- Charise

“You can give birth like a feminist in any setting and in any way, from elective cesarean in a private hospital to freebirth in the ocean. All that’s required is that you have somehow moved from a passive place from the view that birth is something that happens to you and over which you have no control, to a place of understanding that you may get a raw deal in this experience if you don’t wake up and get yourself into the driving seat. Essentially: take charge, take control, and make conscious choices.”

- Give Birth like a Feminist by Milli Hill

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