Divine Intuition Birth Course

6 module, self-paced online course designed to teach you about your innate birthing abilities and give you the tools for an empowered, satisfying birth. 

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What Makes this Course Different?

We are not a generic childbirth course. We believe that your BIRTH MATTERS. We are not preparing you to simply be a passive participant and survive birth. Of course everyone wants a healthy baby, but your experience will be with you for the rest of your life.

Through this course, you will discover how fear and resistance affect birth, and how to lean into sensations.

You will be able to choose a birthing space that truly feels safe and supportive to your needs, whether it be in a hospital, at home, or a birth center.

We know that you are capable of leading your birth. So we’re putting the tools in your hands.

This self-study online course can be taken any time, from the comfort of your home. It includes high quality instructional videos, guided breathing and meditations, worksheets, a community, and more.

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