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Free Birth

As an experienced Doula I thought I knew about birth but it turns out I only knew about one kind of birth... the managed kind. The kind with interference and questioning of our capabilities, the kind that stifles birth from what it can truly be.

I've been on a huge journey over this past year in the Radical Birth Keeper School with Yolande Norris-Clark and Emilee Saldaya of Free Birth Society, learning about supporting women and pregnant people outside of the medical paradigm.

Alongside it, I undertook the Complete Guide to Freebirth course, which I feel everyone would benefit from so that they fully know their options, Freebirth being one, and can then make an informed decision about what feels right for them.

I'm incredibly excited to share this with you, and to be supporting women to birth autonomously, instinctively and completely in their power in order to experience it as a life affirming and transformative event.

Please find my affiliate links to their courses below which I highly recommend to everyone: men, women, non-binary, pregnant, not pregnant, to truly understand the nature of birth in its wholeness and true capacity.

Booking via my links? Amazing! I offer a complimentary 1-hour mentoring session to those booking The Radical Birth Keeper School or a 30-minute coaching session for anyone booking The Complete Guide to Freebirth.


You’re welcome to book a complimentary chat with me to explore these options or inquire about inviting me to your birth.

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