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Learn how to tap into your natural birthing instincts to experience gentle birth in your ultimate power.



Gentle, autonomous birth is our birthright. But the fear and pathology that's been attached to birth in our culture undermines the physiological nature of our bodies. Birth is a normal, natural event that has millions of years of evolution behind its brilliance. 

Here, we approach birth from the basis of our biology and we acknowledge the effects of our thoughts and emotions on our physiology. Bridging the gap between mind, body and autonomy creates the space where birth can unfold gently and joyfully, as nature intended.

Class Details

Upcoming Series: No class is scheduled at this time. Please reach out for a one-on-one session if desired.

Location: Online/Zoom

Class Duration: 2.5 hours

Time: 6-8:30pm PST

Cost: $554


Class Details

"Celia's class was transformative to say the least. I have such a different perspective on what we are capable of as women. My husband and I learned way more than we would have if we stuck to the classes our insurance provided. We learned about every part of birth and how natural it actually is. Worth every minute, and worth every penny." - Katie

"When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change." - Marie Mongan

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