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Intuitive Birth Class is a convenient and powerful online course designed for people interested in having a natural, empowering, and safe birth. 

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I didn’t have a natural birth by accident. 

What I mean by that is, many people go into birth like they’re going to the dentist. 

They aren’t looking forward to it. They think it’s probably going to hurt. It's happening to them rather than being an active participant.

I had a natural birth because I trained for it.

I trained for birth like training for a marathon. 


And here’s how I did it...

42 kilometers of running is

not what our bodies are made for.


But birth is.

Whether you are skinny or fat, straight or LGBQT, religious or atheist, vegan or omnivore, rich or poor, and anything in between.

If your body is growing a life, you can birth that life.

But how can we expect everything to go smoothly when we are primed with fear and danger from the media and friends terrifying birth stories?

You have to want it.

You have to want all of it. The sensations. The waves. The intensity. The euphoria. The fluids. The depth. The fullness. Being pushed to the edge of who you know yourself to be, and jumping off. 


You can do all the childbirth classes and read all the books, but if you don’t truly welcome your birthing, you will get stuck in resistance.


Everything in this training exists to clear whatever is in the way of you fully embracing your birth. 

Do you want to learn how YOU can have a natural, empowering, and safe birth?

Do you want the tools for a smooth and joyful transition through pregnancy, birth, and parenthood?

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