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Women are producing less eggs because of phytoestrogen in the environment.

Men's sperm count has dropped 50% in the last 50 years.

Today, we are the most over-fed and under-nourished society in history.

Moms are depleted and nobody is really talking about it. We get NO information about nutrition in pregnancy and postpartum.

It's time to take our health

and vitality into our own hands.

Things in our environment are constantly impacting our hormones:

  • Soy - endocrine disruptor

  • Stress - doesn’t allow you to lose weight or get good sleep

  • Non organic dairy and meat - contain pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics

  • Parabens - preservatives in makeup, lotions, shampoo - endocrine disrupter - cause cancer

  • Glyphosate - world’s most widely used herbicide - causes gut imbalance, disease, and cancer


The bad news is that we can’t avoid all of these things entirely. Our food systems are compromised. There may be times when you eat non organic meat or dairy from a restaurant. Even when we try to eat organic, a lot of the food out there is contaminated with chemicals. You may have been using lotion with parabens for years without knowing it. Or you may have been sun bathing in the glyphosate-sprayed grass. We don’t live in a bubble. 


The good news is that clean, purifying foods do exist.

I have a cleansing nutrition program made only with organic, non-GMO superfood plants.

It allows your body to gently shift from acidity to alkalinity, removing toxins and fat, giving you energy, promoting restful sleep, and essentially bringing your body back into balance. It comes with a complete guide and optional ongoing coaching to help you shift your whole lifestyle so that you can maintain this new health.


I'm a natural Mama, and I’ll be honest, I’ve never found a company that I believe in so whole-heartedly.


Here are some cool facts:

  • All organic! Their farms are far from any pesticide-sprayed crops so there’s no contamination.

  • Safe for pregnancy, breastfeeding moms, and children

  • Vegan! No animals are used in any of these products

  • Bio-available! The plants are cold processed to maintain integrity of the nutrients.

  • Low carbon footprint! The plants are dehydrated and ready to be shipped to your door before your food normally even arrives at the grocery store.

  • Eco-friendly! They are transitioning from using plastic containers to biodegradable ones made of bamboo.

  • Research-based! The products have been studied and proven to work.

  • Discounts! You get $50 or 25% (whichever is greater) off your first order when you purchase with me

  • Community! You can join the community where you can get support and ask questions

  • Personal coaching! If you sign up with me, you have the option for personal one-on-one guidance


Whether you’re already pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or have kids, please send me a message and I can guide you through an amazing, transformational journey toward health, fertility, and an abundance of breastmilk!

And if desired, I am here to give an option to create financial independence and sovereignty too!

Stephanie Dawn is a wellness expert, an internationally known thought leader and activist for birth, and founder of the Sacred Birth Mentor Program. She’s very passionate about ensuring that moms are healthy and wealthy. And together with our team, we are helping moms reclaim their vitality.

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