Best Birthful Podcast Episodes You Must Hear Before Giving Birth

Updated: Jun 25

If you haven't already heard about the Birthful Podcast, here's a summary that I give in my post for the Top 3 Resources to Prepare for Birth...

This podcast was created by an experienced birth doula and childbirth educator named Adriana Lozada. Each episode is a different topic about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She interviews brilliant people including midwives, doulas, parents, obstetricians, lactation consultants, and more. Listening to these podcasts has answered so many of my questions, even ones I didn't think of previously.

I've listened to nearly all of the episodes on this podcast and these are the ones I find most valuable...

EP32: Baby's Position and Labor Flow with Gail Tully

"How does your baby's position affect the flow of labor? Are there things you can do during pregnancy that can help baby get in a better position? Will doing these things help you be more comfortable during pregnancy? Will it make birth easier? The fabulous Gail Tully from Spinning Babies is here to tell usual about baby's position and labor flow."

EP38: Protecting Your Perineum with Rachel Reed

"The thought of vaginal tearing can make any woman cringe. And let's not even think about episiotomies. Are there ways to avoid tearing? What's the evidence behind perineal massage, kegels, and squats? Will being told how to push make things worse? Rachel Reed tells us more about protecting your perineum during birth."

EP78: Is there a Purpose to Childbirth Pain? with Rhea Dempsey

"It's not called labor for nothing, but is there a purpose to the pain? What happens when you stop thinking of birth as an emergency, and start seeing it as a physiological emergence? If you assume that your confidence will falter, then, can preparing differently help you have a better experience? Rhea Dempsey tells us more."

EP82: Why Breastfeeding a Newborn is Different with Theresa Nesbitt

"We'll be talking about why breastfeeding a newborn is different from an older baby. It's often assumes that breastfeeding will simply work, but most moms report significant problems within the first week. Fortunately, understanding why newborns feed the way they do can make the whole process a breeze. Theresa Nesbitt tells us more, including how to avoid nipple pain, encouraging a good latch, and setting yourself up for a good milk supply."

EP86: Working with Childbirth Pain with Julie Bonapace

"What are the 4 components of pain? Does pain equate to suffering? If the signal doesn't make it to the brain, is it pain? And how can you (and your partner) change that signal before it arrives? Pain specialist Julie Bonapace has answers."

Bonus Recommendations

EP29: Delayed Cord Clamping, with Dr. Mark Sloan

EP54: Circumcision, with adrienne Carmack

EP56: Sylvia Houston, Skin-to-Skin

EP59: Theresa Nesbitt, Eating to Grow a Healthy Baby Brain

EP74: Paul Thomas, Vaccines

EP77: Waterbirth, with Barbara Harper

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Comment below to let us know your favorite episodes!

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