How to Choose Your Care Provider & Birth Setting

Updated: Jul 21

Choose the care provider and birth location that fits into your ideal vision for birth, not the other way around.

For many people, the default birth plan is to go to the hospital and listen to the doctor. It often doesn't even appear that we have a choice... But you do.

“You can give birth like a feminist in any setting and in any way, from elective cesarean in a private hospital to freebirth in the ocean. All that’s required is that you have somehow moved from a passive place from the view that birth is something that happens to you and over which you have no control, to a place of understanding that you may get a raw deal in this experience if you don’t wake up and get yourself into the driving seat. Essentially: take charge, take control, and make conscious choices.” - Milli Hill, Give Birth Like a Feminist


Questions to Ask a Potential Midwife

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