Radical Birth Keeper

"Women rising, roaring our babies into the world in power, while the wise-woman birth-keeper sits quietly, doing the everything that is nothing, silently reflecting the mother's magnificence, is both revolution and remembering." - Yolande Norris-Clark

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Free Birth

Looking for someone to walk with you on your journey to freebirth?

I offer a full birth support package as follows:

  • Bespoke prenatal support in preparation for your birth with regular checkins and a minimum of two in-person meetings

  • Exploring your wild pregnancy and self-care

  • Options to cover prenatal care and birth prep from a Doula perspective

  • On-call and available 24/7 for you and your birth partner for 4 weeks around your "guess date"

  • Full birth witnessing with the option for me to take photos/video of your beautiful birth

  • Six weeks phone/text support following the birth with a focus on gentle and natural parenting

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Please reach out. I'm happy to answer any questions you have and

I'd love to work with you toward the birth of your dreams.


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San Francisco & East Bay Area

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