Top 4 Resources to Prepare for Birth

February 15, 2017


When you start doing research as a pregnant woman, you may realize that there's a TON of information out there. And it can be overwhelming! So I want to arm you with my absolute top 3 resources to prepare you for the labor and birth of your baby. If you do nothing else, these 3 things should be enough to inform you and ignite your innate ability to have an empowering birth.



HypnoBirthing the Mongan Method - and -

Ina May's Guide to ChildbirtH

These books are life-changing! With knowledge from mothers, experienced midwives and hypnotherapists, these pages are packed full of valuable information. You will read birth stories, learn practices you can do alone or with a partner, how to advocate for yourself, how birth is designed to work. A lot of the writing is geared toward women who are planning a hospital birth but it definitely gives you the information and confidence to consider a birth center or homebirth too. Everything in these books is supported by research, which is key to having a healthy, intervention-free birth experience.



The Birthful PodcasT - AND - 

Healthy Births happy babies podcast

These podcasts were created by birth professionals, Adriana Lozada and Jay Warren. Each episode offers a different topic about pregnancy, birth, postpartum, children, and parenting. They interview brilliant people including midwives, doulas, parents, obstetricians, lactation consultants, and more. Listening to these podcasts has answered so many of my questions, even ones I didn't think of previously. You can find these podcasts on your Apple Podcasts or and

Spinning Babies is an empowering and fun way to prepare for birth. They are all about how optimal fetal position can help you have an easier birth and more positive experience. The website offers tons of resources for movement, positioning, and maternity health in many forms including videos, blog posts, products, and workshops. Please take advantage of this!



Evidence Based Birth is a highly valuable resource to prepare for birth. You can become a member and subscribe for free to receive lot's of research-based evidence and information about what to expect and how to plan for the delivery of your baby. It clarify's a lot of the terms you may hear in a hospital. It provides you with a handful of downloadable documents that a straightforward and easy to read. And there's a blog with great information about specific topics as well. I recommend you check this out!





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