We birth with our body, not our brain.

September 27, 2018


This word is often associated with fear and danger. 

For some it brings excitement. 


The perspective we bring to birth is up to us. 

But the physiology is of ancient design... 




Believe it or not, your body knows how to give birth. The mind will try to decipher this unknown. We do our best to understand and prepare conceptually, but when the time comes to be in labor land, the mind can either be a help or a hinderance. 


Animals in the wild naturally seek out quiet, safe, and dark spaces to give birth. And if there’s a threat of a predator, their adrenaline kicks in to halt the birth process until they find safety again. 


Guess what... We are the same!


When a birthing person is being disturbed by bright lights, people asking questions, or suggestions about augmenting labor, it’s no wonder things slow down!

(This is a common thing in hospitals; “failure to progress”)


Our bodies are brilliant!

We create these perfect hormones for every situation. 


As I mentioned before, adrenaline and cortisol kick the body into fight or flight mode when we feel threatened. This moves blood away from the uterus and into the brain and extremities so we can escape the situation. 


When a birthing person is feeling safe and secure, oxytocin and endorphins are flowing through the body to create waves (what most people know as contractions) to move the baby down, relieve pain, bring oxygen to the baby, and allow you to drop into a deep dreamlike state. How wonderful is this?!


The mind can work for you in birth when you’ve created patterns of positive, grounding thoughts and relaxation throughout pregnancy. The foundation of HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method is the fact that every thought and emotion creates a physical response in the body

If you’re interested in experiencing a safe, primal, and euphoric birth, check out these resources:




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