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July 14, 2019



I’ll admit, I used to think HypnoBirthing was some out-there hippie nonsense.

I am pleased to tell you, it is actually based on neuroscience


When I got trained as a HypnoBirthing Practitioner, it completely shifted my context about birth.

I suddenly understood how deeply intertwined the mind and body are, and how much power we have in our birthing experience. 

I used to think birth preparation was just about learning how to cope with pain, and then I understood that there’s a way to completely change your perception of pain.


So, what is HypnoBirthing?

In short, it is a philosophy and method to help you tap into your natural birthing instincts, to go into your birth with knowledge and techniques that enable you to have a more safe, comfortable, and gentle birth experience.


But, most of us have a big obstacle in the way of our natural birthing instincts...


Has anyone ever told you a traumatic birth story?

Have you ever seen a movie where a woman's water breaks, she's rushed to the hospital, and she's screaming her brains out?

Right, so we are primed for birth from what we see and hear from our culture. 


When we go into birth with fear, whether it’s conscious or subconscious, our “fight or flight” mode can get activated.


When this happens, we become extremely alert.

Our muscles become tense.

Our heart starts beating faster to pump blood to our arms and legs so we can fight or flee.

Now, this is a great survival mechanism when there is a real threat.

But, it’s not so good for birthing, when our body is supposed to be doing a completely healthy, natural, and normal function that it’s designed for.


In birth, we need to release tension so our joints and ligaments can soften and open.

We need a sufficient supply of oxygen rich blood being pumped to the uterus and to baby


When we’re relaxed and working WITH the waves of labor…

Our perception of pain is lowered

Labor can be shorter and easier.

The need for intervention is less likely

Recovery can be shorter and easier.

Breastfeeding can be easier. 

Bonding is easier.


In a HypnoBirthing® class, we learn the normal physiology of birth, and we practice techniques to keep you OUT of the “fight or flight” mode and IN the relaxed “healing” mode.


You’ll be able to go through your birth experience with an understanding of the birth process and ability to make informed choicesfeeling connected to your baby, your body, and your partner, and give yourself the gentle, empowering experience you deserve.


If you're interested in learning more or you're in the SF Bay Area and want to take a class, visit www.intuitivebirth.org/hypnobirthing




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