during covid-19

Virtual Doula

support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum

via text, phone, video

(payment plan available)

What to expect

  • 2 prenatal video consultations to discuss your birth wishes and techniques for relaxation in labor

  • 1 postpartum video consultation to reflect on birth, answer questions and help with breastfeeding

  • Free Postpartum Wellness Toolkit (including supplies list & nourishing meal recipes)

  • Detailed birth preferences guidance and development

  • Unlimited text support until 14 days postpartum

  • Phone availability during labor to answer questions, help with birth options, and offer encouragement & guidance

  • Breastfeeding guidance and support

  • Help with healing and discomfort

  • Resources and referrals


Virtual Birth Classes

via zoom video call

(payment plans available)

Virtual HypnoBirthing® Class

5 sessions - 3 hours long

Pregnant Person + Birth Companion

Suitable in 2nd and 3rd trimester

you will learn:

  • How the mind and emotions affect the body

  • Why labor hurts and why it does not have to

  • Releasing fear, the enemy of labor

  • Preparing your mind and body for birthing

  • How to avoid interventions

  • Developing ultimate-depth relaxation

  • Understanding the stages of labor

  • Birth plan guidance and advocacy

  • Tapping into your body's natural relaxant 

  • Breathing your baby down for birth

  • Learn more

open for registration

Date: Sundays, July 5, 12, 19, 26, August 2

Time: 9:30am-12:30pm

Cost: $550

2 Spots LefT

Virtual Birth Essentials Class

1 session - 4 hours long

Pregnant Person + Birth Companion

Suitable in 2nd and 3rd trimester

you will learn:

  • How your body and baby are working together

  • Understanding the stages of labor

  • Breathing techniques for easier birthing

  • Comfort measures & how partners support

  • Birth plan guidance & advocacy

  • Positions for labor (with or without birth companion)

  • What to expect in the first hours after birth

  • Breastfeeding guidance and techniques

  • Postpartum tips for healing and settling in

  • Resources and referrals

open for registration

Date: Saturday, July 25th

Time: 9:30am-1:30pm

Cost: $250

3 Spots LefT


Autonomous Birth Coaching Session

60 minute session $95

via zoom video call

What to expect

  • We will talk about your concerns and questions regarding birth and postpartum

  • I will offer insights on some areas that you may like to consider

  • Detailed birth preferences guidance and development

  • Understand your rights in birth and how to advocate

  • Understand how your birthing body works and how to support it

  • Free Postpartum Wellness Toolkit (including supplies list & nourishing meal recipes)

  • Resources and referrals


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“Hospitals are suddenly not seemingly the “safest” places to birth that they were just weeks ago." - Verana Faye, Doula


"If you are due this spring/summer (and perhaps maybe into this fall), you may have given some thought to birthing outside a hospital. Restrictions are being put in place, hospital resources are being stretched thin, and you and your family are at greater risk for contracting and spreading the Coronavirus in a hospital." - Marta Barensfeld, Doula


“We’re now hearing from increasing numbers of women who are reporting that hospitals are largely prohibiting partners, husbands, and family members from accompanying women into the birth room… And, most disturbingly, mothers are being separated from their babies after birth..." - Yolande Norris-Clark


This group is a safe place to share knowledge and experience, ask questions, find and receive support. It gives inspiration around the topic of pregnancy and childbirth, and a community to walk on this journey with. I look forward to connecting with you!

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