Birthing Your Way

Global Virtual Retreat

Sunday, December 12

Birthing Your Way Retreat is coming to you live online! Gift yourself this time to nourish your pregnancy and prepare for your beautiful birth. Sound healer, Kristen Firpo, and birth experts, Celia Mei and Inken Arntzen, have created a special container for you to create your story, feel grounded in your body, and step into your flow.

"Thank you for your beautiful way of creating such a healing and safe space for all of us.  I loved how we all immediately were able to drop into a vulnerable place. I'm still basking in the after effects of our retreat."

Do you want to connect with your baby on a deeper level than seeing them on the occasional sonogram?

Do you want to be held in community by sisters all over the world walking this same path as you?

Do you want to feel confident, grounded, and resourced as you enter your birthing time?

You are not alone.


Our modern society is not set up for pregnancy, birthing, or parenting in your power.

You deserve more than the default options for birth.

This is why the Birthing Your Way Retreat was born.


Learn how to work with your mind as your ally in birth


Guided hypnobirthing meditation to explore your dream birth


Release and receive through vibrational healing on a cellular level


"This is the prenatal care I wish I had in my first two pregnancies."

About the Retreat

This intimate retreat is the community and ritual that our ancient ancestors would have had. It is a safe space to transmute your fears and clarify your desires for birth and beyond. Everything you're feeling as a pregnant person gets to show up in this space. Allow us to lead you into softness as you connect with your body and your baby in a whole new way. 

Throughout the retreat, you'll be guided through an experience to understand your innate design for birth, discover the story of your dream birth, and bask in a personalized sound healing session that feels like an epic massage for every cell of your body. 

You will walk away feeling rejuvenated, re-energized, with a new sense of trust and excitement for your birthing process. You will enter your birthing time with practical, holistic tools and new ways of calming your mind, body and nervous system, to experience birth in your power. 

Event Schedule

90-minute intimate retreat


  • Welcome & getting familiar

  • Opening ceremony

  • Sharing your experience

  • Exploring mind and body in birth

  • Guided birth vision meditation

  • Breath work to ground in

  • Sound healing session to release & integrate

  • Reflection, journaling, sharing, Q&A

  • Closing ceremony

Birthing Your Way - Virtual Global Retreat
Sunday, December 12 - live on Zoom - 10AM PST / 1PM EST / 7PM CET