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Kind Words

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"Celia’s gentle guidance and support during my labor was absolutely invaluable. She intuitively knew how to best support me, both hands-on when I needed it and through her caring and encouraging energy. She was truly an anchor to me in the most challenging moments of my daughter’s birth when I needed support the most. She also was amazing with our three year old son following birth. I appreciated that she checked in with me throughout my pregnancy and answered any questions I had thoughtfully. She is an absolutely caring and gifted provider."

- Rebecca

"Thank you so much for gifting us the knowledge and empowerment through HypnoBirthing - we now not only have a different relationship with birth, but also with ourselves... HypnoBirthing prepared us for the labor we'd planned, but most importantly, the part of labor that we did not plan. For that, we are forever grateful. Welcoming our daughter's passage into the world has been the most profound and beautiful experience we've ever had, and thank you for holding a space of love for us."


- Elsa

"Working with Celia as our home birth doula was such a gift. She gave my husband the opportunity to get some much needed sleep, eat meals and know that I was in good hands. Her ability to stay grounded in her body allowed my nervous system to follow suit. We both so appreciated her calm and graceful presence and I found that she was so able to help my body clear out tension in between contractions. We had a wonderful experience and highly recommend her!"

- Lauren

"My partner and I were so very lucky to find Celia and have her as our doula! It was our first pregnancy and I ended up having a very long labor (more than 72 hours!). Prior to birth, Celia prepared both of us with what to expect and helped us to process what was important to us moving forward. During the actual labor, Celia was such a calm and supportive presence. She made sure I was hydrated, that my wife could rest, helped me get into different positions to manage my pain, and so much more! I am very grateful that Celia was there to help us with the most difficult and most amazing experience of my life."​


- Beth

"Celia's class was transformative to say the least. I have such a different perspective on what we are capable of a women. My husband and I learned way more than we would have if we stuck to the classes our insurance provided. We learned about every part of birth and how natural it actually is. Worth every minute, and worth every penny."


- Katie

"Thank you so much again. You're incredible at your job, but also just an incredible person! I don't think I could have gone through this without your class (or being able to email you constantly afterwards haha!).


Hope to see you when we're ready for round two!"

- Holly

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