Prenatal Care

Personalized birth & postpartum preparation sessions curated for your specific needs and desires.

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Prenatal Sessions

Are you interested in learning about holistic options for pregnancy and birth?


How would it feel if your pregnant body were revered, rather than pathologized?

Would you like support in honing your role as the ultimate authority over your body?


Session: 90 minutes

Location: In-person or on Zoom

Includes: clarity questionnaire, guided meditation audio package, personalized resources, 2 weeks of follow-up email support 

Cultivate Birth Confidence

Topics we may cover: physiology of birth, how to navigate challenges, hypnobirthing, home birth planning, hospital birth optimization, preparing your body for birth, partner's support role, autonomy and advocating, creating a birth plan, building your birth team, exploring birth outside the medical system, and any other topics that feel relevant to you

celia-mei-donaldson-intuitive-holistic-birth-postpartum-doula-midwife-bay area-berkeley-hypnobirthing-childbirth class-prenatal
celia-mei-donaldson-intuitive-holistic-birth-postpartum-doula-midwife-bay area-berkeley-hypnobirthing-childbirth class-prenatal

Thrive Postpartum

Topics we may cover: how birth affects postpartum, the golden hour after birth, lying-in, what to expect in the first weeks, self-care for healing and maintaining sanity, building your support team, breastfeeding or bottle feeding education, optimizing sleep, nutritious meal prep, healing and restorative practices, and any other topics that feel relevant to you

"Celia prepared us for the labor we'd planned, but most importantly, the part of labor we did not plan... Welcoming our daughter's passage into the world has been the most profound and beautiful experience we've ever had." - Elsa & Tobi

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I am honored to walk with you on your birthing journey.


"We give birth through our instincts and we give birth to our instincts." - Dr. Sarah Buckley