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Guided Breathing
& Meditation

Train your mind to be your ally in birth. Create a rhythm to calm your nervous system, release tension, and lean into sensations.

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Why meditate?

When you think about being in labor and giving birth, how does your body feel? Do fears or stressful thoughts arise? Is there tension or resistance in any part of your body? 

When you're faced with the most intense sensations you've ever experienced in your life, how will you respond?

The birth process takes us out of every day reality. Plans and intentions go out the window as your primal brain takes over, and what you're left with are your patterns and your natural response to intensity.

Pregnancy is your opportunity to reprogram your mind and create patterns of breathing and relaxation. Integrate your body and mind, learn how to work with sensations of intensity, and embrace your birth.

What's in it?

Audio package includes:

  • Step by step guided breathing techniques for birth

  • Affirmations for pregnancy & birth

  • Full body relaxation

  • Fear release

  • Prenatal bonding

  • Empowered VBAC

  • Encouraging labor

  • Affirmations for placenta release

Listen to a sample track...

Full Body RelaxationIntuitive Birth Meditations
00:00 / 08:25
birth-meditation-breathing-hypnobirthing-hypnobabies-fer-doula-birth affirmations-birth meditation

"One of the most impactful ways I prepared for birth was listening to meditations and guided breathing every night throughout my 3rd trimester. When my birthing time came, the conceptual stuff went out the window but my practices came naturally and kept me grounded all the way through."

Download & Relax $10

Connect with your body and baby through relaxation. Begin your practice now.

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Meditation Download

"We give birth through our instincts and we give birth to our instincts." - Dr. Sarah Buckley

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