Postpartum Wellness Toolkit

Move into your birthing time with peace of mind, knowing that you already have plans in place for a gentle and nourishing transition into parenthood.


The First Weeks

While it's impossible to predict exactly how you will feel in the early weeks with your new baby, you can do some planning ahead to optimize your chances of having a peaceful, fulfilling postpartum period. I have created a postpartum wellness toolkit to help you do just this.

What's in it?

Toolkit Includes:

  • breastfeeding guidance

  • physical healing resources

  • relationship and intimacy tools

  • 8-page postpartum wellness worksheet

  • mother's supplies list

  • fridge print-out for visitors

  • meal prep plan with recipes

  • grocery shopping list


"Postpartum was easy in ways that surprised me and challenging in ways that I hadn't expected. I'm so glad I used this plan to set up support ahead of time, have productive conversations with my partner, and troubleshoot when breastfeeding was painful in the first weeks."

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"We give birth through our instincts and we give birth to our instincts." - Dr. Sarah Buckley