I’ve always been fascinated with the intricate design of birth and the transformation into parenthood. 


I was led down this path both in awe of the strength and intuitive wisdom of women and disheartened by the lack of power, knowledge, and trust some had for their own bodies.


When I became pregnant, I knew I wanted a peaceful and primal birth experience. I carefully prepared and gathered the support I needed. Going through labor was the most grounded, strong, and connected I’ve ever felt.

I am committed that every birthing person have the opportunity to feel ecstatic about their birth. 

I’ve had the privilege to support birthing people of different cultures, ethnic backgrounds, ages, and birth wishes. Each birth is so humbling because I am reminded just how powerful we are.

I help prepare families for birth and postpartum with:

  • evidence-based birth education

  • compassion for each individual’s unique perspective, desire, and concerns

  • understanding your choices and how to communicate with care providers

  • supporting partners to be an active participant in birth

  • creating a comfortable, warm, home-like environment in any birth setting

  • practicing labor positions, breathing, and relaxation techniques

  • offering resources to prepare the mind and body for birth

  • optional guidance and hands-on support for breastfeeding and bottle feeding

  • unwavering trust that you can do this!

My favorite part of being a doula is getting to witness the moment when someone meets their child for the first time and a family is born. It’s hard not to cry every time!

in my free time...

In my free time, I’m simmering mineral broth or baking homemade granola, sunbathing at Live Oak park with my partner and our toddler, or traveling around the world. 

Trainings & Certifications Received:

  • Birth doula training - DONA (2011)

  • Postpartum doula training - Cornerstone Doula Trainings (2012)

  • Homebirth for doulas training - Cornerstone Doula Trainings (2012)

  • Childbirth education training - Doula Trainings International (2018)

  • HypnoBirthing® practitioner training - HypnoBirthing® International (2018)